Chunc one

‘The wheelchair that can grow with the child’

The Chunc One Children’s Wheelchair is a manual controlled paediatric wheelchair for children and young adults with moderate to profound disabilities. It has been designed in conjunction with clients and healthcare professionals.


modular design

Adapt to suit your needs

The Chunc wheelchair’s unique modular design allows it to be adapted to suit individual clients needs and provide a truly tailored solution. The Chunc design makes it possible for the chair to grow with the child. When the chair becomes too small – or if the child’s needs change – the wheelchair can be modified to accommodate them, replacing individual components rather than the entire chair.


recline and fold and slide

Enables easier personal care

Recline, fold, recline and slide allows the wheelchair to recline for personal care or in the event of a medical emergency.


24 hour postural management

Adaptability & versatility of support options

The Chunc One wheelchair makes a vital contribution to 24 hour postural management. The adaptability and versatility of our support options enable therapists to optimally position and support the wheelchair user. This ensures that the most biomechanically efficient position of the pelvis and spine can be achieved as well as ensuring excellent support to the thighs, feet and head.


Improved cognitive & functional skills

Enhanced participation with friends, carers & parents

Using this highly effective and comfortable postural management system, the user will achieve an improvement in the facilitation of cognitive, communicative and functional skills. This provides a solid foundation for enhanced participation with friends, carers and parents.


  • 4 sizes
  • Up to 110kgs user weight
  • 45 degree tilt in space
  • tailored to individual needs
  • standard foot-operated park brakes
  • standard foot operated anti-tip levers
  • crash tested ISO 7176 (ANSI RESNA) part 19
  • tie down points for transportation
  • suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • 2 year warranty
Chunc One Colour Options