Custom Made Seating

LC Seating (LCS) creates custom-made seating solutions for wheelchair users.

We work with therapists, wheelchair users, their families and carers to deliver a perfect, precise fit that makes each individual wheelchair user smile.

All bespoke seating solutions are individually fitted and manufactured in-house using our own unique process called The LCS Moulding Approach.

The LCS Moulding Approach

The easy and accurate LCS Moulding Approach is designed to deliver precise results for each individual wheelchair user, their families and carers.

Using our cutting-edge, patent-pending LCS Moulding Jacket and cushion foundation, we make the process easier for the client and deliver more accurate results first time.

Our highly-skilled clinical staff are experienced and trained in the LCS Moulding Approach to provide exceptional results in a friendly and professional manner.

Knowing your desired outcomes delivers excellent results which is why setting outcomes with the wheelchair user and their carers is a crucial part of the LCS Moulding Approach.

Our seven-step process ensures a pleasant, easy fitting experience for the wheelchair user and precise results that save time and money.
At the end of the process, we get to see our clients smile which puts a smile on our face.

Contact our team at to hear more about our unique LCS Moulding Approach.

“The LCS Moulding Approach is working very well. It is especially advantageous to those with complex spinal/scoliosis presentations as the jacket really helps to enhance that contact and achieve the desired result. The cushion is also very helpful to achieve the desired angles required for split hip flexion etc. Overall, it seems to save some time, achieves great results and offers more comfort for the clients too.”

Occupational Therapist

“I have not experienced a shape being captured with such ease and immediate preciseness as when I was shown the prototype moulding jacket by LCS in mid 2020. This moulding jacket concept can bring value to both service users/clients and clinicians not to mention to the team of shape capturing professionals.”

Independent Physiotherapist, Sharon Sutherland, PT MISCP