LCS presents with Pro Medicare this two-hour webinar exploring the Ermes, paediatric positioning system and Inserto Facile/Conco, the no hardware postural backrests.


The webinar will be presented by Pro Medicare’s Managing Director, Rosaria Caforio, who is also an Orthopaedic Technician, Inventor, Designer and Author.


At the beginning of the webinar, Rosaria will explain the Ermes theory and how Pro Medicare came to develop the paediatric postural system Ermes, and the two no-hardware postural backrests Facile and Conco. Following this, the products will be shown together with their application and customization, and we will look at some related case studies.


Throughout the webinar, participants will learn the possibilities of customization and adaptation of products during the cycle of use; and the technical characteristics and materials of the products.


Following this, participants will be able to identify the pros and cons of the products, and the target group of wheelchair users who could benefit from the use of the products.


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